" Hi! Welcome! How are you? My name is Louisa. E I am an online TEFL and IELTS Preparation English Teacher with Medical Terminology Experience I like to help students build their dreams and achieve their goals."

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Something about TiLouLang's Mission:

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My love for creative teaching, training, mentoring, and helping people grow led me to become an online ESL teacher. I’m eager to use my strengths to guide others in learning a new language with excellence.

I am an online certified TEFL, TEYL, and IELTS online teacher, with experience teaching all ages, from children to teenagers, and adults too! I specialize in teaching fluency and pronunciation when speaking.

I see learning as a lifetime adventure.  I customize lessons for each student, using engaging methods like task-based activities and student-centered learning. I believe that interaction is key, and my lessons are always engaging.

“I’m dedicated to your language success and find immense joy in your achievements. With empathy, friendliness, and strong communication, I foster rapport with my students.

TEFL teaching is my dream, and I’m here to help you realize yours. My main mission is to guide you towards individual success, whether it’s career advancement or personal goals. I’m open to new opportunities and eager to connect with like-minded individuals in the field.”

Why did I decide to create TiLouLang :

Here is the WHY...

It’s all about Inspiring Language Learning in Adults and online Educators

At TiLouLang, my mission is to inspire and empower adults to embark on a remarkable journey of language acquisition. I believe that the beauty of learning a new language knows no age limits, and it’s a lifelong adventure that should be accessible to everyone.

TiLouLang Mission

Inspiring Adult Language Learners: Learning a new language as an adult can be a transformative experience. TiLouLang is dedicated to making this journey not only accessible but also incredibly rewarding. I understand that it’s not just about mastering vocabulary and grammar; it’s about connecting with new cultures, expanding your horizons, and gaining a fresh perspective on the world. I provide the tools, resources, and encouragement you need to embrace this adventure.

Empowering Educators: Language teachers play a vital role in shaping the language learning experience. TiLouLang is equally committed to inspiring and supporting educators. I recognize the dedication it takes to create engaging and effective online learning environments. TiLouLang’s mission is to provide teachers with the inspiration and resources they need to foster a positive, dynamic atmosphere for their students.

What Sets TiLouLang Apart:

  • Passion for Lifelong Learning: I am a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and understand the joys and challenges that come with it. Our commitment to language acquisition extends beyond just words; it’s a celebration of personal growth and cultural connection.

  • Global Community: TiLouLang is more than a platform; it’s a global community of language enthusiasts and educators who share the same passion for learning and teaching. I love to connect learners and educators, fostering a supportive environment for growth.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Whether you’re an adult learner seeking language resources or an educator looking for teaching inspiration, I offer a wealth of resources, articles, and tools to support your language journey.

Join me at TiLouLang, where language is not just a skill but a gateway to endless possibilities. Embrace the art of language learning, connect with diverse cultures, and nurture your passion for knowledge. Your linguistic adventure begins here.

Student reviews

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Louisa, an experienced English language tutor, can help you achieve your goals in a comfortable and engaging environment. Her dynamic and interactive teaching style makes learning enjoyable and effective, inspiring and encouraging you to progress at your own pace. With Louisa's guidance, you can improve your English proficiency and reach your personal and professional goals.
I approached Louisa for Interview preparation. She always comes well-prepared and comes up with assignments and activities. Apart from that I really like talking to her. She is friendly. When it comes to understanding your needs and focuses on areas that need improvement.
Louisa is a great tutor who is enthusiastic, patient, and adaptable to your needs. She customizes the class to your specific requirements and is very professional. The sessions are enjoyable and a great investment in which you learn something new every time. I highly recommend her!